HEYYYY. Do you have questions? Cool.

If they aren't answered below, feel free to contact me and ask away. Contact button is at the bottom of the page. 

Let's get to it.


Q: Are your models really painted from life? 

A: Yes. Mostly. I do also paint from photos, as I can't always have a live model hanging out.

Q: Do you paint guys too?

A: Most certainly. 

Q: Will you paint me? Will you paint my significant other?

A: Sure! I do commissions. Did you want something nice for your wall? For your significant other? Let's work it out. Contact me. 

Q: If you paint from life, how does a commission work? I'm not in L.A./not down to pose.

A: I can work from a photograph. You must have all the rights to that photograph, meaning you have to have taken it or have written consent from the photographer for me to paint from that photograph. I know - PIA. But. I can't be ripping off other people's work. Photography is an art form, too. Selfies = perfect. Get a timer or a remote control for that phone camera, babe. 

Q: How do you ship the artwork?

A: I ship original art flat via USPS with insurance worth the purchase price of the art unless otherwise specified. If shipping costs differ from what's listed, I'll let you know. Oversized or framed pieces will cost more than the estimated S&H. I will contact you directly if you purchase one. Prints are also shipped flat.